Who we are

Family Protection Association (FAMPRO) was founded by a group of professionals specialising in the care, support, and intervention services related to victims of gender-based violence, family, and child abuse and neglect.

It is our aim to be the warriors that support the weak in their time of dire need.

Why We Exist

Our team of experienced professionals have always been passionate about victims of family abuse of any kind. And looking at statistics of abuse and violence in families have shown us shocking numbers BUT what they never show is how many of the victims are saved.

Fees and costs are associated with access to justice at every stage of the legal process. Such expenses constitute a major barrier for those who cannot afford them. That’s when we realized how many victims were stuck in their environment only because of a lack of financial resources.

Family protection association has been established to fight when nobody else wants to. Our main focus is to protect those who can’t protect themselves regardless of age, race or financial situation! We believe that every small step is a step in the right direction!

What we do

  • Fights in a court of law against physical abuse of woman, children and men;
  • Assisting any child in need;
  • Bringing perpetrators to justice;
  • Govern an abused child when needed by forensic assessment in a court matter;
  • Appointing curators to protect and govern children;
  • Working in collaboration with DSD and SAPS to safeguard children in dire need of care and protection;
  • Assisting elderly abuse;
  • Assisting vulnerable victims in physically abusive marriages and relationships for example, obtaining a protection order and/or divorce order where appropriate.
  • Investigations and awareness campaigns and education seminars on human trafficking and sexual exploitations;
  • Alcohol and drug interventions;
  • Interventions on GBV consisting of child neglect, child abuse, molestation, bullying, and grooming matters.

Our Mission

The Fampro is a pillar of hope standing tall on behalf of the vulnerable and exploited offering them strength, support, and compassion in their time of dire need, allowing them a real chance in life so that society can bloom to a tapestry of love and empathy.

natasha dixon
Managing director

Natascha Bester

Maryke gradwell

almarie grove

Leonie de lange
personal assistant & administrator

Nádine Hoffeldt

Angelique Gerber

Reinhard venter

Mary-ann venter