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A Changemaker is an opportunity for every one of us to be the change within our communities that we want to see. A #victimschangemaker does not only proverbially wear our T-Shirt but also does it physically. With each new #victimschangemaker we help to provide a voice to the voiceless and power to victims.

To become a #victimschangemaker we ask the following:

  • Purchase at least 1 #victimschangemaker T-Shirts
  • Share at least 1 picture on the social media platform of your choice a month
  • Be a monthly #victimschangemakers membership holder
  • Be involved, as much as possible, with our events and activities
  • Sign the #victimschangemaker pledge
  • Speak up & Report – Evil exists, when the good remain silent.

BECOME A #victimschangemaker

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